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Biodegradable Food Packaging

We can supply plastic packaging solutions for the food industry such as clear or translucent coloured bags for food packaging. These bags are food-grade which means they have been prepared in a clean room to prevent any contamination to the food.

Compostable and Biodegradable Food Packaging Melbourne Can Rely On

With consumers demanding more environmentally friendly options from all industries, companies need a way to find packaging that is high-quality, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious. Our compostable and biodegradable food packaging gives Melbourne butchers, fruit and vegetable suppliers, boutique producers, fast food outlets, and supermarkets alike a viable alternative to traditional plastic packaging.

Fast Facts about Our Biodegradable Food Packaging

There are many reasons to go green with biodegradable food packaging. Here are just a few benefits provided by our innovative packaging solutions.

  • Cost-effective: Traditionally, biodegradable or sustainably manufactured packaging cost much more than the plastic packaging that was the norm. Not so anymore! With improved manufacturing processes and industry innovation, you can now source wholesale food packaging from Green Master Packaging at very competitive prices.
  • Compostable or biodegradable: When you choose Green Master Packaging, you can choose the food packaging material that best suits your customers’ needs. Our biodegradable food packaging will break down completely in landfill (not in consumers’ hands) while our compostable materials break down without leaving any harmful residue in the environment, as they are manufactured using renewable resources such as corn.
  • Customisable: Whether you need rigid food containers, clear film, or plastic bag equivalents, we offer packaging in the materials, strength, and dimensions that you require. We can even add your custom branding for the truly unique packaging that lets your customers know that you care. 

Why Choose Our Compostable Food Packaging for Your Melbourne Business?

Compostable Food Packaging

Compostable food packaging is made of natural raw materials that will not leach toxins into the environment, regardless of how the packaging is disposed of. Although compostable packaging can be manufactured with the same strength and durability as polyethylene products, it makes a wonderful substitute for the ‘single use’ food and beverage packaging that is often used at events.

Although it is preferable that compostable materials are disposed of correctly so that they can be broken down completely, even where these materials are disposed of ‘incorrectly’ they will not cause environmental harm as they gradually break down.

Why Choose Green Master Packaging as Your Supplier for Compostable Food Bags in Melbourne?

Compostable Food Bags Melbourne

When the Victorian Government’s statewide ban on lightweight plastic shopping bags came into effect, many Melbourne businesses were forced to find an alternative to offer their customers. We can manufacture heavier biodegradable and compostable bags for reuse that meet the current legislation, and supply wholesale lots of other food packaging and food bags to meet your requirements.

The plastic bag ban has had many flow-on effects, and many shoppers are shocked to see small plastic bags still in use for fruit and vegetables, deli items and meat. If your customers are looking for better alternatives, then why not consider our compostable food bags? Melbourne customers can request that these bags are branded or plain, or that they display information regarding their eco-friendly credentials.

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