Pallet Top Sheets OR Pallet Caps OR Pallet Covers


Pallet top sheets or pallet covers are used to cover materials on a pallet and provide protection from dust and rain during storage/transport.

Our pallet covers are made of polyethylene (PE) which makes them more cost effective than pallet tarps and suitable for temporary or short-term storage. We stock standard square top sheets in clear and black variants but we can manufacture them to any size and shape (square or rectangular).

Our pallet covers can also be made with compostable materials, making them more environmentally friendly compared to their PE counterparts without compromising on quality.

  • Colour - Clear or Black
  • Sizes - 1680 (W) x 1680 (L) x 20um (T)
    1680 (W) x 1680 (L) x 25um (T)
  • MOQ- 42 rolls; 250pcs/roll
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