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Pallet Bags

Sometimes stretch wrap won’t cut it when it comes to protecting your pallets from dust and moisture, especially for long term storage; enter the pallet bag. Pallet bags provide full coverage without crevices or gaps in which moisture or dust can seep through.

Our pallet bags are made to order. We can manufacture them to fit standard and custom-sized pallets. Our pallet bags come in three types: standard polyethylene or shrink polyethylene. The shrinkable bags can provide a better seal around the pallet but won’t be easily reusable unlike our standard polyethylene version. Our compostable bags are 100% compostable and will not leave any toxic residue when it breaks down in composting systems.

We can manufacture them in different colours (e.g. clear or black) depending on your needs. As they are made to order, we do not have any standard sizes in stock.

  • Colour - clear; white; black; with printing
  • Size- fully customised
  • MOQ- depends on product specifications
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