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Parcel Satchel/Parcel Pouch/Parcel Bags/Mailing Bags

Our courier satchel bags are manufactured using a co-extrusion process. In other words, multiple layers are extruded simultaneously, giving them incredible strength and tear resistant. This deters tampering during transport and by having several layers, we can have a black opaque layer inside a plain white or grey exterior, suitable for printing.

We can manufacture these bags to the dimensions you require and also do custom printing if needed.

We can now manufacture these bags with compostable (biodegradable) materials making them environmentally friendly. Unlike their polyethylene counterparts, compostable bags will degrade into organic material that is not harmful for the environment. This is possible without any compromises on quality and the strength of the bag.

  • Standard Colours - Grey (outside) & Black (inside)
    White (outside) & Black (inside)
    Custom colour & print
  • Size- We can customise the size and thickness of the bags to your needs.
  • MOQ- The MOQ of this product varies depending on the size ordered.
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