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Our courier satchel bags are manufactured using a co-extrusion process. In other words, multiple layers are extruded simultaneously, giving them incredible strength and tear resistant. This deters tampering during transport and by having several layers, we can have a black opaque layer inside a plain white or grey exterior, suitable for printing.

We can manufacture these bags to the dimensions you require and also do custom printing if needed.

We can now manufacture these bags with compostable (biodegradable) materials making them environmentally friendly. Unlike their polyethylene counterparts, compostable bags will degrade into organic material that is not harmful for the environment. This is possible without any compromises on quality and the strength of the bag.

  • Standard Colours - Grey (outside) & Black (inside)
    White (outside) & Black (inside)
    Custom colour & print
  • Size- We can customise the size and thickness of the bags to your needs.
  • MOQ- The MOQ of this product varies depending on the size ordered.

    Our courier satchel bags are manufactured using a co-extrusion process. In other words, multiple layers are extruded simultaneously…

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Eco-Friendly Parcel Satchels Melbourne Can Rely On

Here at Green Master Packaging we can supply standard or custom parcel satchels for couriers and retailers alike. We offer a variety of options, ensuring there is something to suit every business ethos and budget.

Fast Facts about Our Compostable Courier Satchels

Compostable Courier Satchels

From environmentally friendly pallet wrap to biodegradable plastic bags, our mission is to provide high-quality, cost-competitive packaging solutions for every stage of manufacturing, storage, transit, and retail. Our courier satchels are sold wholesale in bulk lots, helping our customers in every industry to save on costs by purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

  • Customisable: Choose the branding that you want printed on your parcel satchels. The co-extrusion process that we use creates the traditional black (opaque) inside of the parcel, providing privacy for the parcel’s contents and a strong base for vibrant branding on the outside of the courier bag. Our printing is crisp and clear, providing excellent representation for your brand when the parcel arrives at its destination.
  • Biodegradable: As with all our packaging products, you have the option to choose high-quality biodegradable materials. Our biodegradable packaging has been shown to break down completely under the right conditions. This serves to fulfil the vital goal of reducing the volume of waste that ends up in Australian (and international) landfill each year.
  • Compostable: We create our compostable products from a type of bioplastic derived from corn. This means the bioplastic is created from a renewable resource (corn) rather than fossil fuel. You don’t need to worry about these compostable courier satchels. They will prove just as durable as their polyethylene alternatives during transit, and will only break down once subjected to the right conditions in a landfill or composting site. Once the compostable material does break down it will leave no harmful traces in the environment.

Why Choose Our Parcel Satchels for Your Melbourne Business?

When you choose to work with the experienced team at Green Master Packaging, you are cutting out the middleman. You can direct your questions to the team who will be making your parcel satchels and other packaging products. And you can expect to pay wholesale prices without the mark-up.