Furniture Bags

Our poly bags can be manufactured to different dimensions and thickness to make them suitable for packaging or covering furniture e.g. tables, beds and mattresses.

These bags are made to order and as such, we do not have any in stock. We can customise them to your needs in terms of sizing, colour and any necessary printing.

  • Colour - clear; white; black; with printing
  • Size- fully customised
  • MOQ- depends on product specifications

    Our poly bags can be manufacturer to different dimensions and thickness to make them suitable for packaging or covering furniture e.g. tables, beds and mattresses.

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Eco-Friendly Furniture Bags Melbourne Can Rely On

Finding the right packaging solutions for your business is vital so that you can maintain costs and continue to grow your business. If you have been searching for manufacturers of high-quality, affordable furniture bags in Melbourne then why not call the Green Master Packaging team for a free detailed quote.

Fast Facts about Our Environmentally Friendly Furniture Bags for Melbourne

We strive to offer our valued customers the premium customisation options they deserve. We offer the following options and many more besides.

  • Standard mattress bags: Our standard furniture bags (mattress bags) ensure fast dispatch times. You are also sure to find the pricing on these wholesale products extremely competitive within the Australian and international market.
  • Biodegradable packaging: All our products come with the option to be made from biodegradable materials . From pallet wrap to food packaging, we make biodegradable packaging that will break down completely, reducing and then completely eliminating the space taken up in landfill sites.
  • Compostable packaging: We also offer compostable packaging derived from corn. This incredibly durable packaging displays equal strength to its polyethylene counterparts, so you never need to worry about the integrity of your furniture bags. Melbourne furniture companies can send out their products with full confidence that the packaging material will not break down until it finds its way to a waste processing facility.

Why Choose Our Furniture Bags for Your Melbourne Business?

When our retail, commercial, or industrial customers purchase their furniture packaging from us, they are choosing to work with a local manufacturer, cutting out the middleman, and creating the potential to order a custom product that perfectly matches their unique requirements.

From branded packaging to furniture bags that Melbourne business owners can rely on to display the eco-friendly credentials that are in line with their business ethos, we don’t make one-size-fits-all solutions, but the custom packaging that our customers prefer.