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Biohazard Plastic Bags

In the healthcare/medical industry, facilities transport biohazardous materials daily e.g. lab specimens, test samples or medical waste. Oftentimes, they’re transported to different locations for testing and need to be packaged in a way that they don’t come into contact with external objects.

It is vital that any packages containing biohazardous material can be clearly identified and therefore labelled to ensure they are handled with care and caution.

Biohazard pouches or bags serve this purpose by providing a safe and secure solution to transport biohazardous materials safely without compromising their usefulness or the health of those around them.

We can manufacture fully customised PE bags for this purpose in terms of dimensions, thickness and printing.

  • Colour - clear, colour, translucent, with printing
  • Size- fully customised
  • MOQ- depends on product specifications
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