Garment/Laundry Bags

We manufacture garment bags that are typically used to package garments for sale in the retail space. We can manufacture these bags with normal plastics or with hot-water soluble material that dissolves in water hotter than 70 degrees Celsius without leaving any residue. Oftentimes these bags require hole punches which we can do along with any printing of branding or labels e.g. choking hazard labels.

  • Colour - clear; with printing
  • Size- fully customised
  • MOQ- depends on product specifications

    Depending on the application and industry, we can manufacture our garment/laundry bags specifically to your needs.

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Eco-Friendly Laundry Bags Melbourne Can Rely On

Manufacturing eco-friendly packaging solutions and plastic alternatives for a variety of industries, our laundry bags are a product that has found favour in the medical and hospitality industries. Because we are a local, wholesale company, when they order our laundry bags, Melbourne business owners and others have the assurance of speaking directly to the manufacturers.

Fast Facts about Our Water-Soluble Laundry Bags

Water Soluble Laundry Bags

Water-soluble film is a relatively recent innovation in biodegradable packaging that has found wide application across industries. We can manufacture a variety of items using our water-soluble material; however, the most-requested item has been our water-soluble laundry bags.

These laundry bags have a number of benefits for different industries.

  • Low environmental impact: Our water-soluble laundry bags dissolve completely in the wash, meaning they will never end up in landfill. They won’t leave harmful chemicals behind, and when laundered properly they will never leave residue behind on your washing either.
  • Safe and hygienic: Water-soluble laundry bags eliminate the need for aged care facility workers, hospital and hospitality staff to handle soiled bed linen or clothing. Once items have been placed in the laundry bag they can be safely stored, sequestered or transported ready for washing, and then put into the washing machine without further handling.
  • Locally manufactured: Our family run business has been in local operation for over 25 years. With a manufacturing plant in Malaysia and offices and distribution warehouse in Melbourne, we have continued to expand our operations without sacrificing the customer-centred service and high quality of our products that we have built our reputation on.

Why Choose Our Laundry Bags for Your Melbourne Business?

Whether they choose our biodegradable laundry bags, or opt for compostable or other materials to meet their specific needs, when they order Green Master Packaging’s laundry bags, Melbourne business owners, stockists and suppliers can expect first-class customer service and a first-rate product.

Whichever material they choose, our customers know they are getting a product that has been manufactured with the environment in mind. Just like many of our clients, we are continually searching for new ways to sustainably lower our carbon footprint. By investing early on in rainwater catchment and solar power for our manufacturing facilities, we have enabled ourselves to create greener packaging at a lower cost, and to pass these benefits on to our customers.