Shrink Film

Polyethylene (PE) shrink or more commonly known as shrink wrap or heat shrink, is a durable and puncture resistant wrap used for bundling and wrapping large objects for transport or storage. They’re typically manufactured at a minimum of 1mm (100um) and companies use them to wrap and protect cars, timber and even buildings.

They help to protect goods from dust and moisture for long-term storage. UV stabilisers are normally added during the manufacturing process, making them a suitable long-term outdoor storage solution.

We typically supply opaque white heat shrink but we can customise the colour to your needs; along with the dimensions and weight of each roll.

  • Colour - Clear/White
  • Size-2400mm (W) x 130um (T); 25kg/roll


Purchase Shrink Film in Melbourne for Your Materials Handling Process

Cutting down on the use of shrink film in a Melbourne business can be challenging. However, if you have been searching for a way to group and protect products for packing, storing and transit while minimising the environmental impact of this process, then why not consider cost-effective shrink film from Green Master Packaging?

Custom Made Shrink Wrap Gives Melbourne Businesses More Options

Shrink Wrap Melbourne

Depending on your storage and transportation needs, we offer custom shrink wrap for Melbourne businesses in different strengths, micron thicknesses, and different roll sizes. We can guide you in your choice or answer your technical questions to ensure you get the packaging film that meets your requirements, direct from the manufacturer.

Our film will meet or exceed industry packaging standards, and our free quotes (on minimum order quantities) will help you determine which packaging wrap is the right choice for you.

Tips for Better Use and Storage of Plastic Shrink Wrap in Melbourne Businesses

Plastic Shrink Wrap Melbourne

Taking care of the plastic shrink wrap in your Melbourne warehouse or factory will ensure it is able to provide the protective benefits your products need while in storage or transit.

Storing rolls of film away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry area will help prolong the film’s shelf life. Some opaque films are designed to offer UV protection in addition to protection against dust and water. These films will still benefit from storage away from UV exposure before use.

Why Green Master Packaging Is the Cost-Effective Choice for Shrink Film in Melbourne

With over 25 years of experience manufacturing custom packaging for companies large and small, we refined our process, offering efficiency, friendly service, and unbeatable wholesale prices.

We have over 50 machines in operation, extruding, cutting and printing our products, so you can expect fast turnaround times on any order size.

Our closed-loop recycling is a highly efficient production process that allows us to reuse leftover materials, minimising wastage and maximising production. We rely on solar energy and recycled rainwater for our production processes, which not only helps the environment, it also translates to lower running costs which we are able to turn into lower wholesale prices for our customers. Contact us today for a free and detailed quote on any of our biodegradable or compostable shrink film options.

Talk to Us When You Need Anti Static Plastic Film

Anti Static Plastic Film

There can be many reasons to choose a plastic film that is resistant to static build up. With one of the main purposes of shrink wrap being to protect objects from dust and other build up, you do not want the shrink film to build up static that will attract dust. Talk to us about our anti static plastic film and avoid these problems.