Mattress Bags

Our poly bags can be manufactured to different dimensions and thickness to make them suitable for packaging or covering furniture e.g. tables, beds and mattresses.

These bags are made to order and as such, we do not have any in stock. We can customise them to your needs in terms of sizing, colour and any necessary printing.

  • Colour - clear; white; black; with printing
  • Size- fully customised
  • MOQ- depends on product specifications

    Our poly bags can be manufacturer to different dimensions and thickness to make them suitable for packaging or covering furniture e.g. tables, beds and mattresses.

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Customised Furniture Bags, Covers and Mattress Bags in Melbourne

Finding a local company who will customise the larger packaging needed for mattresses or furniture can be a difficult task. Many companies specialise in wholesale plastic bags with business branding, however finding a company who will manufacture within the local region and supply mattress bags in Melbourne to your unique specifications can prove trickier.

Here at Green Master Packaging we can manufacture bulk orders of mattress and furniture bags in your chosen size, thickness, and plastic type (with biodegradable and compostable options available).

Why You Should Use Green Master Packaging for Mattress Bag Manufacture in Melbourne

Here at Green Master Packaging, we aim to set apart our products as high-quality offerings that are both environmentally friendly and affordable.

  • We offer experience: For over 25 years we have been producing innovative packaging solutions. With a factory in nearby Malaysia and a convenient distribution warehouse in Melbourne, our family-run company has been supplying green packaging options to Australian companies for many years.
  • We offer custom options: Offering custom products that perfectly match our customers’ requirements allows us to produce consistently high-quality packaging in a variety of materials. In addition to larger custom options such as our furniture and mattress bags, Melbourne customers can request water-soluble commercial laundry bags, or custom branded eco-friendly parcel satchels.
  • We offer customer-centred service: By growing our family business at a sustainable rate, we have increased our production capability whilst retaining the caring, customer-focused service that allowed us to grow in the first place.

What Sets Green Master Packaging Apart Regarding Mattress Bags in Melbourne

For the custom manufacture of a variety of packaging products, including furniture and mattress bags, Melbourne locals can expect the following differences when they work with Green Master Packaging.

  • We are wholesale manufacturers: When you work with Green Master Packaging you cut out the middleman. We only sell in bulk, but this allows us to offer competitive prices on our premium quality products.
  • We offer meticulous quality control: Manufacturing custom products for customers in a range of industries means that we must be able to ensure a consistently high quality. Packaging must perform as expected, displaying the protective packaging qualities it is designed for whilst in use, before breaking down as intended at end-of-life.
  • We offer environmentally friendly options: Running our manufacturing plant with solar power and recycled rainwater, all our products have a lower environmental cost. If our clients wish for sustainably made, compostable, water-soluble, or biodegradable packaging, then they can choose this option and still expect the same high quality as they would get from traditional polyethylene packaging.

Fast Facts about Our Environmentally Friendly Mattress Bags for Melbourne

Working towards a more sustainable product (and more sustainable production methods) is an ongoing process for the team at Green Master Packaging, and it is an ongoing process for many of our customers as well, as they find the products and packaging that work best for their business.

Here are just a few of the steps we have taken.

  • We offer bioplastic alternatives: All our packaging comes with either a compostable or biodegradable option. We use corn starch for all our compostable packaging – a renewable resource that doesn’t display the negative impacts of fossil fuels.
  • Our packaging breaks down when it should: We have crafted biodegradable and compostable packaging that is just as strong as polyethylene plastics. It will perform well whilst in use, and only break down under certain conditions.
  • We keep more waste out of landfill: Our compostable packaging will break down into harmless compounds, and our biodegradable packaging will break down completely in landfill. We also capture and reuse waste materials during the production process, operating with closed-loop manufacturing wherever possible.

Why Green Master Packaging is Your Cost-Effective Option for Mattress Bags in Melbourne

As requirements for sustainable practices become mandatory across industries, it will be vital for businesses to source packaging that is greener and cleaner whilst also remaining cost competitive. Our early adoption of renewable materials and investment in renewable power for our manufacturing plant has resulted in lower production costs that now reflect in our competitive wholesale prices.

To find out more about any of our packaging products, including our furniture and mattress bags, Melbourne locals can call our experienced team to have their questions answered today.