Timber Wrap

By using a co-extrusion process, our multi-layered timber wrap achieves a few objectives when storing and transporting large packs of timber. The white outer layer is UV treated to minimise degradation when stored outdoors as well as reflects sunlight. Whilst the black inner layer, eliminates any light that might have passed through whilst adding strength and durability to the wrap.

We typically sell these with a U-fold and on a roll for ease of use. We can customise this to your desired specifications as well as printing your logo.

Our timber wrap is made to order and as such we do not stock these.

  • Colour - Custom

High-Quality Environmentally Friendly Timber Wrap in Melbourne

If you’re searching for a more environmentally friendly timber wrap in Melbourne, then why not talk to the team at Green Master Packaging to find out more about the custom options that may be available to you.

What You Can Expect from Green Master Packaging’s Environmentally Friendly Pallet Wraps

Environmentally Friendly Pallet Wrap

The team at Green Master Packaging is proud to offer the following benefits to our valued customers.

  • Custom packaging solutions: We have off-the-shelf pallet wraps ready to go in standard dimensions and thicknesses; however, our customers can also expect competitive quotes on any custom options they may require.
  • Customer-focused service: Our family-run business has kept operations local, with a purpose-built manufacturing plant in Malaysia and a distribution warehouse in Melbourne. We’re always happy to answer our customers’ questions and to provide the attention to detail and service that we are known for.
  • Consistent quality: Every product (whether standard or custom) must adhere to Green Master Packaging’s high standards for quality. Because we’re a local company it is easy to get in touch with our team regarding the performance of our environmentally friendly pallet wrap or any other product.

Manufacturing Environmentally Friendly Pallet Wrap and Durable Plastic Solutions

There are a number of options currently on offer from the Green Master Packaging team.

  • Our stretch wrap has the flexibility required to secure items in transit.
  • Our shrink bags (pallet bags) can cover pallets ready for transport or storage, and when heat is applied correctly, they will shrink down to ‘hug’ the pallet whilst remaining strong and durable.
  • Our pallet bags do not currently come with stretch or shrink capabilities, but as these pallet bags can be manufactured from compostable materials, they are the preferred choice of many of our customers.

Ask us about the possibilities for environmentally friendly pallet wrap solutions and we will be glad to discuss your options for a custom product.

Choose Our Pallet Stretch Wrap to Safely Secure Items in Transit

Pallet Stretch

Some customers choose to use pallet stretch wrap alongside their timber wrap when preparing pallet loads or shipping lots. Talk to the Green Master Packaging team about the various options available in machine rolls of either blown stretch wrap or cast stretch wrap. We keep standard gauges, colours, and roll dimensions in stock, and are also happy to provide a custom product if it will better suit your needs.