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Blown Stretch Wrap (Machine Rolls)

Our blown stretch film is made using the blown extrusion process similar to that of our poly bags and sheets. This results in a strong film that retains its memory very well and has great tear resistance. In other words, it can return to its pre-stretched state easily, allowing loads to remain secure and it is also less likely to puncture when wrapping around sharp edges.

We stock both clear and black machine rolls with a nett weight of 15kg making them easy to transport by hand.

We can customise them to your desired gauge (thickness), colour and weight per roll.

  • Material- Blown Stretch
  • Colour - Clear or Black
  • Size- 500mm x 23um (15kg NETT/roll)
    500mm x 25um (15kg NETT/roll)
  • MOQ- 50 rolls
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