Hot Water Soluble Bags Applications And Benefits
Hot-Water Soluble Bags: Applications and Benefits
  • Apr 2, 2020
How do they work?

As the name suggests, the bags dissolve in hot water (70 degrees Celsius or higher). Not only do they dissolve in water but they also won’t leave a trace in washing machines or any marks on clothing or linen! This is also the case if you require printing on the bags. We use solvent based inks that are non-toxic and won’t stain or cause any discolouration on the materials within the bag when using it or when the bag dissolves in water.

These bags also dissolve in seawater (not salt water; actual seawater) making it even more environmentally friendly! They have

What are they made of?

The bags are made of Hydropol™, a flexible polymer that’s based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). This newly developed polymer gives the bag incredible clarity that is comparable to its polyethylene (PE) counterparts whilst being incredibly robust with excellent barrier qualities.

With high gas and moisture barrier properties, it can be modified to also provide a complete water barrier (below 70C) whilst remaining recyclable, making it a sustainable solution for a range of applications.

What can it be used for?

As of now, our customers are using it for linen and garment applications, primarily as a laundry bag for soiled or contaminated linen. Its use in hospitals is particularly beneficial as it helps to mitigate risks when handling linen contaminated with hazardous chemicals (common in oncology wards) or reducing the rate of virus transmission. The bags allow hospitals or (the user) to handle the linen safely after they have been contained and tied within the bags.

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The bags can also be used for retail packaging for clothing. It possesses great clarity and strength making it ideal for retail packaging. Furthermore, as the proper disposal of retail packaging cannot be controlled or guaranteed, the environmentally friendly properties of our hot-water soluble is a step in the right direction.


Summary of benefits:
    1. Robust – excellent gas and moisture barrier properties
    2. Non-toxic – the bags are FDA approved and won’t contaminate the water it dissolves in
    3. Recyclable – allowing for a closed loop supply chain
    4. Stainless – neither the bag nor printing will leave a mark!


Have a use for it that we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to hear it!

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