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PP Strapping Band

Polypropylene (PP) strapping band is a lightweight and easy to use strap that is typically used to fasten or bundle products together. They can also be used to secure lightweight or small products to pallets for secure transport.

Due to its lightweight nature, they can be used by hand with the aid of handheld tools or also with the use of machinery.

We stock blue and white strapping bands that are suitable for hand and machine use. If you need a different colour or dimension, we can have them customised for your needs.

  • Colour - Blue or White
  • Size- 12mm (W) x 3000M (L) x 0.55mm (T) Hand Rolls
    12mm (W) x 3000M (L) x 0.63mm (T) Machine Rolls
  • MOQ- 64 rolls (Machine Rolls)/108 Rolls (Hand Rolls)
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