The 4th R Of Sustainability
The 4th R of Sustainability
  • Mar 16, 2020
Sustainable Packaging Solutions: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and REPLACE

Reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact has never been more crucial. With over 300 million tons of plastic produced each year, we need to not only reduce our use of single-use packaging but also reduce the impact of the plastics we dispose of. Read on for a few tips on how you can improve your environmental footprint and reduce costs, both financial and environmental.


An easy way to improve the sustainability of your packaging is to reduce the amount of material you use. Using the right boxes that are just nice in terms of size can help reduce not only the amount of cardboard used for the box itself but the additional packaging material required to securely transport the goods. Boxes that are too large require more corrugated material to prevent items from moving around.

The ideal box would be large enough to hold your items, requiring the minimum amount of protective packaging needed for cushioning and shock protection. In addition to using less material, smaller boxes might also result in lower shipping costs!


Another way to reduce waste would be to reuse packaging material as many times as possible before disposing them. This might be out of your control if you’re delivering goods to consumers however, if you’re distributing items between your facilities, packaging materials such as bubble wrap and paper edgeboards/angleboards can be reused multiple times! Once again, this not only reduces waste but also helps you save on packaging costs!


Sometimes reducing and reusing isn’t always the easiest option; in these situations, being mindful of the materials used for packaging would be important. Look out and choose more sustainable packaging options such recycled plastics. Not all plastic packaging materials need to be made with virgin material. Items such a pallet covers can be manufactured with recycled material as they don’t require the benefits and properties of virgin material.

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At Green Master Packaging, we like to encourage our customers to consider replacing traditional polyethylene (PE) with more sustainable materials. Plant-based products such as our compostable bags (that are made from corn) provide uncompromising strength and durability without the environmental impact of traditional PE. Or consider our hot-water soluble bags that dissolve without a trace and are marine safe!

Whilst the traditional 3Rs of sustainability are great steps that we can take to reduce our environmental impact, we highly encourage you to take the leap in replacing traditional PE solutions with a more sustainable and environmentally solution!

To find out more about our sustainable products, check out our hot water-soluble bags and compostable bags. Curious to know what else we do to become more sustainable as a company, check out our sustainability efforts here!

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